Equitack : The specialists for top of the range used saddles

Equitack offers a large inventory of equipment for horses and riders; in various equestrian disciplines such as the classic, the western, the team .The company is based in Quebec. You can browse the site Equitack Saddlery using

Different models of saddles

  • Saddle training

As the training riders wear long, with a length of stirrup leather important to better frame the horse with the legs, the quarters of these saddles go down, so that the top of the boot does not catch the bottom of the saddle area .

In order to maintain the ideal position of the rider, the seats are hollow and the quarters have important front cleats. These cleats can be called "bananas" when they go down the entire front length of the neighborhood.

  • Saddle jumping

The general shape of this saddle is a compromise to allow the rider to be close to the body of the horse to optimize the sensations, and to cushion shocks at the reception of a jump through thick padding. The quarters are generally more elongated forward so that the knee of the jumper in suspension can settle there.

The services and products offered by Equitack

A saddle must meet a number of requirements and provide better comfort for the horse and its rider. Thus, the tree that is the soul of the saddle must today be flexible.

With an editable tree in eleven points, Equitack saddles bring very innovative solutions. It is a unique process on the market, including high-end. Based on each of the models proposed for each discipline, They tailor your saddle to measure for your horse: opening the tree and form cushions. They also propose measures for you: seat measurements, shape of the quarters and positioning of the cleats. Thereafter they make all necessary adjustments.

So, this manufacturer has a long experience and offers scalable saddles with the same tree can be changed as many times as necessary, that is to say, as your horse evolves or on a new acquisition.