Who are the horses stars in movie industry ?

Riding is one of the most magnificent disciplines. Note that it now has several millions of fans around the world. In addition, the equestrian practice has a good diversity in the discipline. Note that the horse is an integral part of modern cinema. Discover the stars in this on-site environment.

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Welcome to all movie lovers featuring horses. Note that these are actors like the others. Since the advent of this art, horses have always been part of the decor. A simple way to join the equestrian practice to the seventh art. Of course, a perfect mastery of riding under a specific discipline is mandatory in order to be able to play on TV. Since those years, horses have become an essential part of cinema. Note that many titles highlight horses as major players if we only mention the title "Black Stallion" Carroll Ballard achieved in 79. Since then, the titles of excellence have shoved to to flesh out the genre. It can clearly be said that animal films are essential in the cinema. It goes without saying that they deserve their place in this art that they have helped a lot to promote.

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To know everything about horses, it is necessary to expand the subject. To do this, it is imperative to treat everything well. That's why many categories have been arranged here. The goal is to provide everyone with detailed information in the field. All information about the horses in the cinema are listed in these categories that are showbiz horses, horse rider tips and news. In the latter, you will find news and news in the field. It should be noted that the categories are regularly updated in order to always guarantee the relevance and richness of the information. In just a few clicks, you'll have everything there is to know about it.